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What's new?

Brief personal details: I live near London in the U.K. I am 58 years old, and work as a Librarian.

I am in the process of putting on to my website the documents about Atlantis that I found on my doorstep some time ago (see the introduction). I have already put on the basic story of the Empire, along with a number of more specialised documents about Atlantean society, philosophy, geography and warfare, as well as a number of works in the original Atlantean, and, above all, quite a lot about the languages of the Great Continent. 

There follows a list of what I have added and will be adding to this site, with dates:

January 2003:                       First published documents on the Atlantean Empire on my website.

February - March 2003:       Reproduced much more detail about Juralic. See:
Historical grammar of Juralic languages,1, introduction and verbs

Historical grammar of Juralic languages,2, pronouns, adjectives and nouns

Juralic phonetic history - consonants            Juralic phonetic history - diphthongs   Juralic phonetic history - vowels

March 2003:                          Added more detail on the Atlantean language (verbs and numerals). See:
Details of the Atlantean verb        Atlantean numerals 1       Atlantean numerals 2

April 2003:                            
Further details on phonetic changes and irregular Atlantean nouns.
See: Irregular Atlantean nouns

May 2003                               Details on phonetic changes and irregularities in Atlantean adjectives and adverbs.
See:  Irregular Atlantean adjectives and adverbs

Irregularities of the Atlantean verb.
Irregular Atlantean verbs

Complete vocabulary listed by Juralic root, plus Atlantean descendant and English translations.
Juralic-Atlantean-English vocabulary a-d  and subsequent lists.

Adding pictures of buildings and statues of the period throughout the text.

June 2003:                           Begun detailed linguistic analysis of Atlantean text "Tontousuyu thehotte ("the creation of the world").       See: Creation of the world - analysis

July 2003:                            Finished the linguistic analysis. Added additional text and maps of the Battle of Runnates (746).

August 2003:                     Added more details and map on the Bradghus campaigns, 720 - 721.

September - October 2003:             Completed a section on great writers of the First and Second Empires, taken from an original document. This is in the section of "original documents". The Golden and Silver ages of Atlantean literature, 250 -550

November 2003:   A section giving more detail on the literary sources of this whole history. See Sources of Atlantean history.
Some speculation about the origins of the whole work, and the fact that it is written in English at all, see the first part of the section on Atlantean language
I have added an excerpt in English and Atlantean from a play by Gildasso, "The Bride": The Bride - excerpt from a play

December 2003:  More words added to the English - Juralic languages vocabulary. There are now 1579 different words in the vocabulary (excluding all the different forms of nouns and verbs with morphological suffixes).

January 2004: An arrangement of the vocabularies has been added which begins with Atlantean words in A-Z order, followed by English translation and Juralic root. See: Atlantean-English-Juralic vocabulary a-d

February 2004: Begun detailed description of the Helvran Wars. Added some material to the "philosophy" sections.

March 2004: Concluded description of the Helvran Wars: The Helvran War  Added more  tables to genealogy section: Genealogy- the third century. Adding more military maps for the campaigns of Ruthopheax I (620s onwards).  (2) 600-629  (3) 629 - 648

April - May 2004:  Added indexes of major battles fought by the Atlanteans and updated maps showing their locations.  Index of Atlantean Army battles-alphabetical order  Index of Atlantean Army battles-chronological order
Added site map: Site map

June 2004: Added chapter on military geography of the Great Continent:   Military geography. Also started new section on a detailed military account of the "civil" wars of Ruthopheax I:  Ruthopheax I's war against the Republicans and  Ruthopheax I's wars against State E, 1- 631-633   Ruthopheax I's wars against State E, 2- 634   

July 2004: Wrote text for Ruthopheax I's civil wars.

August 2004: Completed text and maps about Ruthopheax I's wars. 
Added table of inventions in the Atlantean period: Table of inventions

September 2004: Added an historical table of Atlantean intellectual endeavour: Table of inventions
Included three maps to illustrate the liberation of the Empire from the Tyrants, 828-829: The Liberation- (1)- Feb - April 828   The Liberation- (2)- April - Aug 828   The Liberation- (3) Sept 828 - Jan 829

October 2004: Section on the history of the Atlantean Navy: The Atlantean Navy (within folder on the Atlantean Army).
Entered sites and dates of all the important battles in Atlantean history on the maps of battle sites: Battle sites NE   Battle sites NW   Battle sites SE   Battle sites SW   Battle sites central area

November - December 2004: Added description of the Naval Battle of Sulosos (between Atlanteans and Skallands) in 746, with three maps, in section on the Atlantean navy: -The Atlantean Navy

January 2005: Additional pictures added to the site.

February 2005: New details of the final year of war between Atlantieh and Rabarrieh against the Basquecs in 750 have been added. (5) 748-750
Also more pictures and paintings.

March 2005: Additional maps for the Great Continental War

April 2005:  Additional images and pictures added to site.

July - August 2005:  More images of Emperors added to site.

However, there is much more to add. In particular, I intend to:

1. Complete a full and detailed description of Atlantean grammar, and gradually add more of the vocabulary of the Juralic languages.
2. Describe in more detail the historical changes in phonology between Juralic and its four descendants.
3. Complete the list of Atlantean geographical place-names (towns, hills, mountains, rivers, etc), with an analysis for each of the derivation of the elements of the names (where known).
4. Reproduce more documents in the original language(s).
5. Give more specifics on the Atlantean arts, especially literature and music.
6. Give further details about the armies of Atlantis and her neighbours, including weaponry, dress and tactical formations and manoeuvres.
7. Produce more strategical descriptions and commentaries on the many military and naval campaigns in which Atlantis was involved. I have in my possession much more detail on, for example, the Family and Imperial Wars of the Fourth Century, the Ughan Wars of the next two centuries, the small campaigns of the Third Empire and the wars fought by and against the Tyrants. 
8. Complete the genealogical tables of the Emperors.
9. Finish the description of science and invention under the Empires, as well as entering into more detail about the historical development of Atlantean linguistics, historiography, linguistics, biology, physics and chemistry.
10. Reproduce more pictures of Atlantean places and people.

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