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Republicans and Imperialists- (1) 591 - 600
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Fourth Empire- (1) 750 - 761
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The Early Final Wars (1)- 865 - 875
      The Later Final Wars (1) 883 - 885      
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The Atlantean Army - till 361
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Government and Society- (1) 200 - 586
     The significance of the background colours    Genealogy- the third century   
Science and Invention 200 - 630

Note on the colours used in this History.

Each period of Atlantean history had a particular style relating to the way its ruling class presented itself to the world at large. This is particularly relevant to its use of flags and emblems, and to the colours in which it displayed itself. The flags and emblems related to the religion and mythology of the Empires, and more will be said about these in the History of the First Empire below. The colours used differed for each epoch of the history of the Empire, and the characteristic colour of the period concerned will be indicated here by the background colour of each part of the History.

Thus the colour characteristic of the First Empire, as here and in the part of this History below which describes it, was green. This became Imperial orange, or yellow after the accession of Atlaniphon I in 361. The Republicans after 591 deliberately turned their face against anything redolent of the old Empire, and used red as a sign of rebellion and of the Republic itself. The parts of the old Empire still loyal to an Emperor retained orange, of course, though this became a much darker and more muted colour, almost brown after 630. This also became the colour of the subsequent Third Empire. Later still, after 750, the Fourth Empire changed this to blue. The Tyrants favoured an appropriately grim shade of black, and finally, after 828, the Fifth Empire returned to an Imperial colour, this time, purple.


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