A History of Atlantis and the Atlantean Empire

Sayatal  atlantisayu ed atlanan ceriehayu

The story of the lost civilisation of Atlantis rediscovered?

Or a work of imagination?


View across the straits of Atlantis ("atlanix lirilix") to the island of Atlantis

Atlantis - the history of a lost civilisation?


You can read here the whole story of a hitherto unknown civilisation, and decide for yourself if it is the true story of a whole society forgotten for millennia,  or simply a work of imagination.

I discovered this very detailed history of Atlantis and her empire - "Sayatal atlantisayu ed atlanan ceriehayu" in the original tongue - as a handwritten document in a package on my doorstep! That much I know to be fact. Yet the history itself appears to be the work of an author describing the archaeological and literary discoveries about Atlantis and neighbouring countries found beneath the Sahara Desert. Is this truth - and if so, how can it be, as we know of no such discoveries being made in our world? Is it a document I have somehow received from the future, or perhaps from an alternate  timeline? Or is it all a long invention by the unknown writer?

I can only reproduce the words as I received them, and leave it to you to decide if this whole magnificent story of the rise and fall of an Empire named Atlantis, with its detailed account of the societies, politics, military conquests, arts and languages of a whole Continent, is a true description of a real world of the past ----


Written by Graham Mabey

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Please note that the only changes I have made to the original document were to arrange it in a way suitable for displaying it on the Internet. The text remains exactly as it was in the original, and maps and pictures have been scanned in with as much detail as possible, although it is evident that a lot of the pictures and paintings date from the modern era, rather than that of the Atlanteans. The background colours for the various texts do have an additional  significance, however, which you can read about in the section called "the significance of the background colours" below.. 


There is a sitemap for this whole project at  Sitemap

For an introductory outline of the whole of Atlantean history, follow this link:    Outline of Atlantean history

The first section of links below will take you through the whole history of Atlantis and her Empire, from earliest times to her final demise. Start with "The discovery of Atlantis", which also includes the story of her pre-Imperial history, then move on to the First Empire. The link to this, like all the historical links below, covers just the first part of this period. Additional links at the bottom of each page you reach will lead you on chronologically through each period. You can carry on right through to the Later Final Wars and the end of Atlantis. 

Below these historical links is more information about different aspects of Atlantean society - the Army, religion, the languages, the Government -, as well as a selection of original documents, mostly translated into English. Again, each link below is usually just the first of a series, which you can access from the bottom of the relevant page. 

For those who are particularly interested in languages, follow this link:     Languages - introduction

If you would like to read about Atlantean military and naval history, and see a list of the major battles of the era and their sites, go to: The Atlantean Army - till 361   (and the later sections)  and  Index of Atlantean Army battles-alphabetical order (and the links from here) there is also a section here on the navy: The Atlantean Navy

The section of original documents is mostly in English translation at :  Original documents - introduction. There are some in the original Atlantean with translations: Creation of the world and The Code of 1816. The former has a line-by-line linguistic analysis at Creation of the world - analysis

To learn about the sources of this history, go to Sources of Atlantean history

For some more speculation about the origins of this whole work, and the fact that it is in English at all, go to the first part of  the section about the Atlantean language

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       Third Empire- (1) 648 - 670    The Continental War- (1) 743      
Fourth Empire- (1) 750 - 761
         The Tyrants- (1) 805 - 812      Fifth Empire till 865- (1) 829 - 831   
The Early Final Wars (1)- 865 - 875
      The Later Final Wars (1) 883 - 885     

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