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Brindor determined to crush the rebellion once and for all, and planned a massive assault in the west to retake Atlantis. He concentrated 100000 men near Fourtis, and in May, attacked directly westwards on Atlantis city. Simultaneously, his forces in the west of Meistayieh attacked and forced Thildoís armies right back to the defences of Vulcanipand. The loyalists broke through the rebel lines at the Battle of Fourtis, and advanced as far as Failrun. Brindor is heartened soon after by the announcement from all three Armies in Gestchalcrieh, that they will henceforth fully support the Government. Brindor hastily asks 30000 men to march to his support from Dravidieh, through Gestchalcran territory. 10000 men from Gestchalcrieh also enter Meistayieh from the north, putting more pressure on Vulcanipand.

Pareonís troops north of the Ghesse now attack to relieve the pressure on Atlantis, and force Brindorís armies back behind the river Ghesse. In June, enemy attacks on Pareonís army at the Second Battle of Failrun are repelled, and rebel pressure to the north and south, plus heavy casualties force Brindor to retreat back to his starting-line. Then, at the beginning of July, the Frontier Armies of Nunchalcrieh, sensing Brindorís impending defeat, came out in support of Pareon. The Security Armies there retreat to the border of Chalcrieh, where they are backed up by loyal Chalcran forces. Shaken, Brindor now retires again in the west to the line of the river Rollepp, but manages to hold off attacks on the Lillerunix, and indeed advances forces north-west to take the Dallase Fembe. In August, 50000 troops from Nunchalcrieh sweep into Dravidieh, now rather denuded of defenders. Dravidos is taken, and the remaining Dravidien loyalists retire to the Crolden Hills.

So, by August, the whole Empire is at war. The Government holds a central position with Chalcrieh, Atlantidieh, and most of Meistayieh and Gestchalcrieh, plus Atlantis City, under siege. The rebels hold territory curving in a long line from western Helvrieh and Tuainnatlantis north and east through Nundatlantidieh and Nunchalcrieh, plus a completely isolated force under Thildo around Vulcanipand. Both sides have the equivalent of fifteen Armies involved, or about 350000 men each. Pareon has command of the western seas, but neither side now controls the Helvengio, which is virtually a Rabarran lake. Brindorís aim is to crush the isolated enemy force at Vulcanipand, and to try to attack westwards, split the enemy in Atlantis, and relieve Atlantis city. Pareon wants to relieve the Vulcanipand force, probably by an attack east from Helvrieh, or south from Nunchalcrieh via Dravidieh and Gestchalcrieh. He also aims to force Brindor back eastwards from the west, and take Atlantis city, a thorn in his side. He is also coming to see the possibility of a direct attack on Cennatlantis from north-east Helvrieh, across the Meilox Mountains. This would also cut off or threaten the communications of the government forces in west Meistayieh, which are pressurising Thildo at Vulcanipand.

To read about the final part of the war, click on The Liberation- (3) Sept 828 - Jan 829

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