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The Languages of the Great Continent:
 an Introduction

As I have explained at the beginning, there are many documents in my source in the original language. Fortunately there are also various chapters which explain in considerable detail the linguistic history of the Great Continent and the grammar of many of the languages spoken there. There are also lengthy vocabularies of the Juralic languages in particular, with translations into English. 

The structure of the Juralic languages, which were the ones related to Atlantean and spoken within the Empire, was that Juralic was the original "mother language", from which sprang over many hundreds of years the four descendant languages: Atlantean, Chalcran, Helvran and Yalland. This is similar to the position in our world of Latin, and its descendants: French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, etc.

I have reproduced enough of these  texts to give the reader a general understanding of how everything fitted together, and an explanation of the grammar of some of the languages, especially Juralic and Atlantean. I have also set down some of the vocabulary. The vocabulary links below give word-lists of Juralic, Atlantean, Chalcran, Helvran and Yalland,  in English alphabetical order,  from "a" onwards: words beginning with letters further down the alphabet can be reached from links at the bottom of each page.

Firstly, there are the general outlines of the languages and linguistic history:

This is a basic description of the Atlan language (Atlantean):   Atlantean language 
Within this, there are additional links which provide more detail about morphology, irregularities, and syntactical usage. These links are also listed here:

Details of the Atlantean verb

Irregular Atlantean nouns

Irregular Atlantean adjectives and adverbs

Irregular Atlantean verbs

Remains of obsolete endings in Atlantean nouns

Atlantean numerals 1

Atlantean numerals 2

For a linguistic analysis of a quite long piece of original Atlantean text, go to: Creation of the world - analysis

The following link describes the history of the whole Juralic system of languages, of which Atlantean is one:  The Juralic languages
This is a basic outline. It included a number of further links which go into much greater detail about the historical linguistics of Juralic and its descendants. These links are also listed here:

Historical grammar of Juralic languages,1, introduction and verbs

Historical grammar of Juralic languages,2, pronouns, adjectives and nouns

Juralic phonetic history - consonants

Juralic phonetic history - diphthongs

Juralic phonetic history - vowels


This link is an overall picture of the other, non-Juralic languages, spoken on the Great Continent:  Non-Juralic languages

Then there is an article about how personal names were formed:   Atlantean personal names

This link explains how place-names on the Continent consisted of elements from many different languages:   Place names of the Great Continent

This lists a number of actual towns and other place-names and shows how they were formed linguistically :  place names elements

Below is a listing in alphabetical order of English words, with their original Juralic, and Atlantean, Chalcran, Helvran and Yalland equivalents (where known). Each section covers a part of the alphabet: 
Juralic languages vocabulary (1) a-b Juralic languages vocabulary c-d
Juralic languages vocabulary e-g Juralic languages vocabulary h-l
Juralic languages vocabulary m-p Juralic languages vocabulary q-sh
Juralic languages vocabulary si-th Juralic languages vocabulary ti-z

The same vocabulary is listed below in a different order: with the Juralic root first, followed by its Atlantean descendants and then the English meanings (the other Juralic languages are not included here).

Juralic-Atlantean-English vocabulary a-d                Juralic-Atlantean-English vocabulary e-l

Juralic-Atlantean-English vocabulary m-r                Juralic-Atlantean-English vocabulary s-z

Again the vocabulary is arranged below with the Atlantean words first, in alphabetical order, followed by their English translations and finally by the Juralic root.

Atlantean-English-Juralic vocabulary a-d                         Atlantean-English-Juralic vocabulary e-l

Atlantean-English-Juralic vocabulary m-r                         Atlantean-English-Juralic vocabulary s-z

The Great Continent

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