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Sources of Atlantean history

  1. General histories of Atlantis.
  1. Atlantieh zuei sayatal ergain ysaitix.(A). "The story of the Atlantean Empire for schools". A school history of Atlantis, c. 860, only complete after about 600. Written, of course, in the post-760 reformed spelling of the languse and with the grammar of Late Atlantean.
  2. Sayatal atlantiehayu. (M). "The history of the Atlantean Empire". A general history from 710, biased in favour of the Squirearchy. It concentrates on religious and political history.
  3. Furthesix ergain til cerexix. (A). Literally "Revelations about the Emperors". This is a scandal-mongering, semi-republican collection of Imperial biographies from about 780, but incomplete.
  4. Tontix cerexix zuei iaisai. (A). "Complete lives of the Emperors". A conservatively biased collection of Imperial lives, written in 844, and complete.
  5. Sayatal til thehotteyu ceriehayu. (GL). "The history of the creation of the Empire". An early (c. 475) account of the formation of Atlantis' Empire, up to about 460.
  6. Neih tehesix. (TT). "My achievements" (literally "deeds"). Supposedly the autobiography of Ruthopheax I. In fact an annotated and probably edited version, which celebrates his achievements and gives a history of the Imperialists and Republicans from about 580. Published in 684, hence after Ruthopheax's death.
    2.    Specialised monographs.
  1. Sayatal helvriehayu. (M). " The history of the Helvran Empire". A history of the Helvran Empire (mostly lost) and the war with Atlantis (complete) from about 390. A very early work in (block) printing.
  2. Atlanix daimuyix. (A). "Tyrants of Atlantis". A study of the "bad" Emperors of Atlantis, the Tyrants and the Republican leaders, 855.
    3.    Military works.
  1. Bour mandagge zuei pueggisix. (A). "Armies of the Great Continent". A comparative study of Atlantean, Helvran, Ughan and Basquec fighting forces. It covers 200-280, 400-580 and 640-670 (incomplete). Written in 783.
  2. Saicrehix atlantisayu. (M). "The civil wars of Atlantis". This was written about 700 and covers the Family Wars, the Imperial Wars, the Great Civil War, and the wars between Republicans and Imperialiosts till 600: it is incomplete hereafter.
  3. Bourbix cencsix atlanan pueggisayu. (A). "Great battles of the Atlantean Army". A jingoistic account of Atlantean battles, mostly the victories, from the Helvran Wras onwards and aimed at the popular market. It covers the Helvran Wars, the battles against the Chalcrans, the Ughan Wars, the wars against Razira, the successes of Ruthopheax I and many battles from the Great Continental War. It is shown as the fourth edition. 796.
  4. A very detailed account of the Final Wars, published in 884, with a supplement till 886. (A).
  5. An account in Rabarran, only partially translated, of the Final Wars till about 882. (TT).
  6. An officer's guide to strategy, with examples from Atlantis' wars. Several editions were published over the years, as it was constantly updated. We have:
    1. Part of the 568 edition. (GL and A).
    2. The edition of 640. (GL).
    3. Parts of the 770 edition, which also summarises sections of the contents of earlier editions, now omitted. (A).
   4.    Literature.
  1. Parts of the works of the great classical dramatists between about 360 and 460. Mostly from much later editions. (GL)
  2. A critical history of Atlantean literature, c. 810. (A).
  3. Extracts from great works of Atlantean literature, 849. (A).
    5.    Language.
  1. An incomplete comparative historical dictionary of the Juralic languages up to about 500. This does include pronunciations of all these languages. Written in 730. (M).
  2. A grammar of "modern" Atlantean, 566. (As reprinted in 675) (A).
  3. A collection of early texts on language, which is incomplete. It includes early (ie: 300-400) lists of words in Chalcran, North Atlantean, Numedean and Dravedean with their Atlantean meanings, some attempt at their alphabets and sounds, as well as early (mostly false) historical linguistic studies of Juralic etymology and grammar. Published in 505. (A).
  4. An incomplete study of all the languages of the Great Continent, c. 850. (A)
  5. The official dictionary of the Atlantean language. This included the sounds of the letters of Atlantean words but has little etymological information. This dictionary was updated repeatedly, and we possess some or all of several editions:
    i.  Parts of the 680 edition (the earliest). (A).
    ii. Almost all of the 760 edition. (A)
    iii. arts of the edition of 823 (the "Tyrants' dictionary", as it was called). (A)

(It can be seen how partial is our knowledge of every language spoken on the Great Continent, except for Atlantean (and that is by no means complete). For example, although we have a fairly good understanding of the grammars of the other Juralic languages, we only know some of their vocabulary. In the vocabulary lists I have given, I have always inluded Juralic forms, but these are of course conjectural, and even then, only partly based on Atlantean reconstructions. The rest I have worked out myself. We know even less of the non-Juralic languages, of course. So far as the sounds and pronunciation of these tongues are concerned, we are fortunate that two of the works above cover this in some detail, in particular allowing us to tranliterate the vocabulary into our roman alphabet.)

    6.    Philosophy and religion.

  1. Partially complete works by several philosophers, mostly written post 760. (TT and A).
  2. "The Atlantean religion". Incomplete and originally dating from about 310, reprinted about 510. (GL).
  3. A general history of Atlantean religion and philosophy from 872. (A).

    7.    Other works.

  1. Writings on travel by various authors from various periods. (TT and A).
  2. Illustrations of Atlantean costume throughout the ages, c. 720. (A).
  3. "Great buildings of Atlantis" (incomplete): palaces, forts, churches from about 50-400 and 520-590. From 694. (M).
  4. A history of Atlantean inventions. A very sketchy account aimed at children. 837. (A).

(There are also a number of original documents, which I have reproduced in my history, (in "Original documents") not included in the above list, eg: "the execution of Crehonerex", "the description of the Atlantean Empire", "the creation of the universe", etc. Some of these are separate documents, but most are extracts from the sources mentioned above, eg: "the creation of the universe" from the early "Atlantean religion" of around 310, in section 6 above. I have also taken the liberty of including a number of pictures of Atlantean events and landscape, which, though all based on sometimes fragmentary originals, have been reconstructed and reproduced in modern times).


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