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The Code of 816.


  1. Recce eanethe ed aind mounottix til saindayu. Ian e yoyanesil aithe sainda ruhettu bei Thettai, cianai nariurgethen Thaothettabban til bourban Yrutiensayu.
  2. Thaotha lucienethe sainda einan recceyu e reccimayu.
  3. Peidotte til Thaothettabbayu, e tue ayai saiphonayun men Theinuyan Ceriexan, cies eanethe denix dao zou dai, e denan recciman narcunturgonduan.
  4. Thaotha aisehethen einix lithaxix ed iais e theh ciesan ai noumainan heihain ulle malcethen.
  5. Thaota saittuyix ainnai e reccimuyix mebayu sentuyun thaopsuyu, e tue tontix dehiurayun, antehe, danepheth can Thettain tont loss, ed encanuyehe Thai cianai ruhothen saindan.
  6. Thaotha mounoth teirayan cennan reccetant tehe teh e peth tonton ulle malcethe, cacies dehles dithanepheth Thaothettabbaue.
  7. Thial rottiurgienethe ai anouphix til moyan reccimasil e reccasil dittuyix puonaisayun.
  8. Eina til reccaue aithe cies thanepheth teh ai tehondottan, percies dithanepheth Thaothettabbeyu.
  9. Thettai dezaltephethen ai reccaue moyan reccimayu. Ca aindiethen ruthettun e tourtix saindayu, thanepheth teh airgeso, lauientu e rapho dethettayun. Uyehe aiseheth aimienaxa deno Thetto aimoyix teihesaibe iphuyix enuanetteyu encanuyan einant men iasai.
  10. Thai Atlanix cian dehaithen Thettai tehen nariurg tue thiai cennix nartettix, per en can mel saissume til Thettayun saindayu.
  11. Dehatlanix ed encanuyehe dehiurayix nartehexethen moyan reccetan e recceman, ulle meyurgethe heiheyun eansun defestuyu, ed missies eathen tontanni bounas Atlantayun e Thettayun.
  12. Deno Thetto tehe thaid lintsun irtaphaxun Thettun, percies mounopheth e teh zueih poutaibe til saindayu.


English translation:

Code of Law of 1816

  1. The Law exists to implement the demands of the State. The State, now and in the future, is government by the Brothers, who follow the Brotherhood Faith of the great Yrutiens.
  2. Therefore the State elucidates the basis of the Law and Morality.
  3. It is the belief of the Brotherhood Faith, as also of some philosophers during the Fourth Empire, that there is no god or gods, and hence no absolute morality.
  4. Therefore humans should be free to lead their own lives and create their own destiny.
  5. However, because of the educational and moral limitations of many lower-class (literally "graded") people, as well as all non-Juralics, complete freedom is only granted to Brothers, and particularly those Brothers who govern the State.
  6. Therefore, under our new law, everyone may do as he wishes and believe what he wants, as long as this agrees with and is not prohibited by the Brotherhood.
  7. This entails a few changes to the traditional morality and law of earlier centuries.
  8. The basis of the Law is that any action is permitted, unless forbidden by the Brotherhood Faith.
  9. Brothers are not therefore bound by any law of traditional morality. If they serve the good and the needs of the State, torture, murder and robbery of non-Brothers may be committed. Similarly no Brother should be restricted by traditional sexual codes of marriage to one person for life.
  10. Those Atlanteans who are not Brothers may also follow these new rules, but only with the agreement of the Brothers and the State.
  11. Non-Atlanteans and especially non-Juralics, as befits their status of ignorance, must abide by traditional law and morality, and moreover are at all times at the disposal of Atlanteans.
  12. No Brother may inflict injury on another Brother, unless ordered to do so by the Leaders of the State.


The most important part of this decree was thought to be paragraph 8. This was often written succinctly, and as a summary of the rest of the law:

Tontettu thanepheth percies dithanepheth Thaothettabbeyu.

(Everything may be committed unless forbidden by the Brotherhood.)


Despite the prohibition on publishing in the modernised language, this sentence was often written in the Fourth Empire language, for the benefit of the general population, thus:

Tontettu aithe thanaxa percies dithanaxa bei til Thaothettabban.


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