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"Tontousuyu Thehotte": "The Creation of the Universe".


Below is the first part of the great work by the religious thinker and writer, Ramillenel, called "Tontousuyu Thehotte" or "The Creation of the Universe". This represents the first written account of the standard beliefs of the Official Religion, and was the basic text used for centuries afterwards by its priests and believers. It is given in the original Atlantean, and then in an English translation. The same text, in Chalcran, was used in the Chalcran Empire, and the first line of it is also given in Chalcran, for comparison. The equivalent of the Official Religion in the Helvran Empire, and in Yalland areas, was somewhat different to the Atlantean version, but after these areas became part of the Atlantean Empire, Ramillenel’s writings were translated into Helvran and Yalland, and parts were also adapted to local use. Again the first sentence is given in Helvran and Yalland. Following that is a closer linguistic commentary.



Siurgesusil eanathe bour thehon tontousuyu, can dithehax, Endao.

Plein luphuyu e risayu aisondur, thehathe tontousun rota deican. Enan thuyan tuaincar e naohuar, nundar e gestar dorienaxa, danathe dao heihain saophettun e bourban mayan e tontix ernathen daolix.

Thai buou anthuix eathen enuix, per thiai buou eathen sualix, e anthuyetix enuanathen, tuaince e naohue, nunde e geste.

Ian taiyathe dao tuaincanthuyan ei lemb tuaincar dimeu thain luphun e laiphun, deucies exathe theh enun bourbun ousun ahneyun, til folgiensan. Dorse ernathe folgiens dayun ceyun.

Uyehe taiyathe naoanthuyan ei lemb naohuar dimeu luphun, per denun laiphun. Dorse thehapheth noura, daodie cintuye.

Narcehe enuanathen folgiens e noura. Nundanthuye e gestanthuye douriaphethen nundar e gestar, deucies exathen theh meu tincsix pustix luphuyu, tincix. Per en can enu ernathe dao, naohuisuyu antincu.

Thial eathe diehe dao sentul, pear nitaildaxa huaccul bei einaibe.

Ian thehathe dao can zuayan e dunan, tommanan ernaxan. Engio e duna ernathen dai, per tommana can dehles.

Narcies thehathe tontan teccan tommanasil, failix, fondix e enai scatisan.

Deucies exathen saoph enai, aisondur saopheyix e tuellissix fondai, per undunissix dai, ye thehapheth tommana, rottiurgiathe dao graohan, daothaxan. Naittuyehe naimiathen zuei tainna einain heiheyun siurgesun.

Yaincu ai cencathen einai crehix naittuyehe naimathen graohan e mayan tontan dayun.

Missies dinaimathen ianan Endan e pethathen cies easiasen en can til thehaxix dai.

Dao thehathe ainurgonduehe misse dai – anahnughoyan, ancrulsun, e andunarursun, e narcies sunathe thea.

Per dai can, cian naittuyehe taildaphethen bourdai, rottiugiathen meu pustissix dai, heiheyix elthix, cianai taildethen enai til cenndai.


(Translation into English)


In the beginning there was the Great Creator of All, who was Himself uncreated, Original God.

He was filled with light and air, and out of Himself, He created everything.

He sent a wind to the south and the west, and to the north and east, and gave them awareness and great power, and all became gods.

The first two winds were male, but the second two were female, and the married in pairs, south and west, north and east.

God now told the South Wind to take some of his light and heat to the south, and there create a great fiery being, the Sun.

And the Sun became the fifth god.

Similarly He told the West Wind to take light to the west, but no heat. And the Moon was created there, the sixth god.

And the Sun and the Moon were married. The North and the East Winds were then sent north and east to create many small sparkles of light, the stars. But only one of these became a god, the Evening Star.

This was formerly the seventh god, though man has wrongly called it the eighth.

And God Himself now created water and earth, and made the World. The sea and the earth became gods, but the World itself was not a god.

He then created all the life on earth, plants, animals, and lastly, mankind.

In order that men and women, who were conscious and greater than the animals, though lower than the gods, should understand how the world was created, God brought Thunder into being, and made it divine. And its noise always reminded men of their origin.

And when men fought wars with each other, they remembered the thunder and the might of the gods.

Indeed they soon forgot Great God, and only thought of the created gods.

And God continued to create more gods – volcanoes, ice and earthquakes, and then he rested.

But the gods themselves, who were afterwards called the Old Gods,  produced many smaller gods as their offspring, and these were called the New Gods.



Examples of the first sentence in Atlantean, Chalcran, Helvran and Yalland.



Siurgesusil eanathe bour thehon tontousuyu, can dithehax, endao.


Siloggisuzzi irassa bourbi techonni tonnusulli, ca ditechacsa, endoda.


Zie Ziurgz id borb seken dondozel, gon diesekaks, endad.


Diraregiros oiredo foib theuccin doddoirol, gan ditheuccire, indaudh.


There is a close linguistic analysis of this Atlantean document at Creation of the world - analysis

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