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The wars of Ruthopheax I in detail

1. The war against the Republicans

The conquest of the Republicans, 624 - 628


Military commentary

The size of the armies used for the campaigns from 624-628, and also later, was small. The Imperialists, in particular, were divided up into the six different states, "A" - "F" -, and each was only able to support moderate-sized armies of its own. Thus in 624, Treckol in State "C" had an army of about 17 Armies, or 120000 men, spread out between its three Provinces of Yall. Thiss., Meistayieh and Vulcanieh. It had potential enemies in the Basquecs and States "A" and "E", apart from the Republicans. As a result, the army on the Cresslepp facing the Republicans was only 70000 strong - 40000 attacked up the Gonril and 30000 against Helvris. State "E", controlling Chalcrieh I and Dravidieh II, had 18 Armies, or some 130000 men. 50000 defended the Provinces against potential Imperialist attackers, and 80000 faced the Republicans, mostly on the Dodolla, but also outside the fortress of Gasirotto. The Republicans, who controlled eight Provinces, had at least 54 Armies, or about 330000 soldiers. These faced Imperialists on all fronts, as well as the nomads in the north. They had 80000 in south Atlantidieh, on the Dodolla and at Gasirotto and 60000 in Helvrieh, mostly around Helvris. Numbers were thus roughly equal on either side at the start of this campaign. 
General Treckol, the leader of Group "C",  forged a temporary alliance with Crechonni of Group "E" (Chalcr´eh I and Dravid´eh II), and in September 624, while Crechonni assaulted the Republicans frontally along the river Dodolla, he turned their strategic flank across the Cresslepp into north Helvr´eh and Atlantid´eh. One of his generals was of course Louron, the future Emperor Ruthopheax I. He led the part of the army which, having crossed the Cresslepp, marched up the western bank of the Gonril. Part of the army crossed the river in rear of the Republican defenders of Cennatlantis, while the main portion, led by Louron, marched on and crossed the river near Failrunn. This of course threatened the while line of retreat of the defenders of Cennatlantis. 
 Cennatlantis itself was meanwhile attacked from front and rear and soon fell (October). Most of the Republicans retreated westwards where they came upon Louron on the hills at Failrunn. In the First Battle of Failrunn, Louron held out against desperate Republican attacks, and only about half the total Republican army was finally able to escape west towards Failbloua round the north of Louron's position. Another section of Treckol's army moved south down the west of the river Cresslepp and attacked the Republicans who were defending Helvris against the Imperialists across the river in flank. Once again the Republicans had to retreat westwards, and Helvris fell to Treckol in December. 

There now followed quite a long pause in the proceedings, until 627. During this time, Treckol persuaded Group "D" (Chalcr´eh II and Dravid´eh I) under General Buomil to join in active warfare against the Republicans, although Buomil's armies did not begin campaigning until the following year. He would employ an army of about 50000. For the rest of 625, Treckol and Crechonni's armies moved quite cautiously on westwards, and reached a line from the mouth of the river Gestes in the south northwards to Failbloua and back north-eastwards to Lake Oncia. Louron meanwhile was anxious to push on and persuaded Treckol to let him lead "C"'s forces directly on west to the Lillerunix. This was not what Crechonni had wanted: he envisaged Treckol's armies simply accompanying his forces centrally over the Rollepp and the Bore, allowing him to gain all the glory of defeating the Republicans. "C"'s army in Atlantidieh was also very much smaller then "E"'s, who had to face the bulk of the Republican forces.
It should also be noted that late in 626, State "A", led by General Yesteyu , suddenly attacked Treckol's Province of Yall. Thiss. from Manralia, and took it over within a couple of years. Treckol, fully occupied with the fighting against the Republicans, could do nothing about it.
In March 627, Louron leapt on again, getting round the southern flank of the Republicans, who mostly had their eyes on Crechonni. Crechonni successfully defeated their main armies at Gentes and followed them up to Tilrase. He then bypassed the Republican fortress here, crossed the Rollepp and reached the Bore by the autumn. Louron meantime had arrived on the Lillerunix hills, where he then had to fend off several Republican attacks from the north near Runnouth. He traversed the hills and later on in the year reached Tuellouth. Other "C" forces were taking over Helvrieh, along the coast and on to the strong fort of Ugholtis.  However the new gunpowder artillery quickly dealt with the old-fashioned defences of this town. Crechonni, whose army was less well-equipped with artillery, took much longer to reduce Tilrase, which his main army had anyway bypassed. An amphibious force also seized the island of Helvremon, the base of the Republican navy in the Helvengio: this fleet abandoned the Republicans but fled to Manralia, where it was taken over by General Yesteyu. Buomil with armies of State "D" advanced easily into Atlantidieh down the west side of Lake Chalcris and reached Gentis and beyond, when he was treacherously attacked in flank and rear by the forces of State "B", whose Leader, General Norcarriel, saw a chance of taking over some of Buomil's territory. This proved to be the end of Buomil's contribution to the war against the Republicans - he spent the next couple of years successfully fighting back against Norcarriel. 

628 saw the final defeat of the Republicans. It was now openly a race between Treckol, or rather Louron, and Crechonni as to who could reach Atlantis city first. Crechonni had the shortest distance, as the crow flies, but he was up against the main Republican opposition, and had to defend himself against several severe counter-attacks south of Fourtis. Louron, meanwhile, marched south-west round the Dallase Fembe wood west of the Lillerunix, and again hit the Republicans in flank to its north-west. He then sped on to Atlantis, which he reached amidst crumbling opposition in the field by the end of July. His storm of the city is well-known, and left Crechonni watching it happen and fuming some miles to the north-east.

For detailed accounts of the later wars of Ruthopheax I, go to: Ruthopheax I's wars against State E, 1- 631-633

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