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5. Chaos and Order : "Plissiensayun Crehix": The Wars of the Pretenders, part 2: 636 - 648


For a while Ruthopheax now bided his time in his bid for the reconquest of the Empire. State "D" was taken over by the Emperor in 637, but its collapse took place independently of any action by Ruthopheax, and he received its Provinces on a plate.

What happened was simply that the Province of Dravid´eh II, taken over by Brumuzzi in 634, was partly occupied by Ughans already. In 636-7, another major incursion of nomads took over all of Nunchalcr´eh and penetrated into Dravid´eh I, both Provinces belonging to Brumuzzi. At the same time Brumuzzi became very unpopular for his cruelty, enforced conscription and seeming inability to keep his Provinces in a peaceful state. A rebellion broke out in Chalcr´eh II, and was soon joined by other troops. The state dissolved into civil war, and Brumuzzi was killed. His successor, despairing of settling the civil war and controlling the nomads and Ughans himself, decided to offer his Provinces - and his sister - to Ruthopheax. And so the Emperor took over these Provinces - and the sister - in 637. With his greater military resources, Ruthopheax was able to enforce his rule and eject most of the nomads. Over the following four or five years he also forced most of the Ughan settlers back across the river Gestes, partly by war and partly by negotiation.

This left state "B" - the Keltish territories under General Tuaingel - as the only part of the old Empire north of the Helveng´o which did not recognise Ruthopheax as Emperor - apart from Yc´el Atlantis, still under old Republican rule. This too more or less fell into the Emperor's lap. In 641 the Keltish General Tuaingel died, and his successor was Gestanu, who was a pure Atlantean. He immediately tried to take away many of the privileges with which Tuaingel had favoured his fellow Kelts and re-establish the predominance of the Atlantean minority. This led to the major West Keltish revolt of 642, which spread all over Naokeltan´eh and Nunkelt´eh, pitting West Kelts against Atlanteans and sometimes against North Kelts. Elsewhere West and North Kelts joined together to throw off the Atlantean yoke, and their forces penetrated into Nunchalcr´eh and Nundatlantid´eh. Gestanu fled to Cennatlantis and begged Ruthopheax to take control. Ruthopheax led a strong army into Naokeltan´eh, and in a campaign lasting two years savagely repressed the Kelts.

Meanwhile an army from Phonaria, with some aid and encouragement from Ruthopheax, invaded Yc´el Atlantis in 641 to chase out the Republicans. In this they were successful, and after 643, the Republicans retreated eastwards into the former Province of Marossan, at that time under the power of the nomads from the north. Still a potent force, they carved out territory for themselves here, and by 647 had forced the nomads out of almost the whole Province, which they renamed Anauren (from a L´o-Marossan word "ANAURE", referring to this part of their Empire). The government after 648 was conservative, militaristic but still republican, and as we shall see, somehow managed to elude annexation into Ruthopheax's new Empire.


All this was gradually leading up to the biggest war of all between the Pretenders - that between Ruthopheax in the north and Tuondo Suayoso, self-styled Emperor of state "A", the Provinces south of the Gestes and the Helveng´o. Tuondo had taken over the helm in 632, and while a Yalland himself, deliberately sought to create an image for himself as the successor of the rulers of the Second Empire. In particular he re-established the constitution and institutions of the old Empire, and tried to revive the State Religion. In a real way, therefore, when Ruthopheax fixed his eyes on the conquest of the south after 641, the ensuing war would decide the fate of the whole Empire - whether it would return - for however long - to a sort of reconstituted Second Empire, preserved in aspic, or move on finally to Ruthopheax's Third Empire, ruled by country squires.

Tuondo Suayoso, the final rival to Ruthopheax I

Tuondo had been at war with the Basquecs in south Manralia since 636, and had tried to take over Vulcan´eh in 638. However the Basquecs beat him to it (possibly with Ruthopheax's connivance). Ruthopheax had been preparing for full-scale war with Tuondo since 636, but was put off at first by the presence of the navy at Giezuat, which was firmly supportive of the south. After 640 he was distracted from prosecuting this final war by the West Kelt uprising and the situation of state "B". Tuondo took the opportunity of attacking the south of Yall. Thiss., and made some progress. He hoped to secure his southern flank before Ruthopheax's inevitable attack from the north. The Basquecs were anxious to make peace, as they were still enmeshed in the final stages of a long civil war. Ruthopheax now made a secret agreement with them, allowing them to retain the south of Yall. Thiss. if they would just keep the war against Tuondo going a little longer. (In fact they quietly disengaged after 644 and remained neutral thereafter.)

Then in 644, Ruthopheax finally attacked state "A". There followed a series of hard-fought naval battles, and then an invasion by land and sea of Manralia and Yall Thiss. Eventually Tuondo was captured. He was brought back to Cennatlantis in 648, tortured and humiliated, and then publicly executed. 

For a more detailed account of this war, go to: Ruthopheax I's wars against State C- !- 644 and Ruthopheax I's wars against State C- 2- 645

In 648, amidst great celebrations, Ruthopheax was declared Emperor of a new Atlantean Empire, the Third.

To read about the Third Empire of Atlantis, click on Third Empire- (1) 648 - 670

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